The most common reason for performing a colon resection is for the treatment of colon cancer. In the early stages, there are usually no symptoms. Sometimes the stool can be tested for the presence of blood. Cancerous polyps are sometimes found with testing such as barium enema or colonoscopy. If a cancer begins to block the colon, there may be a sense of fullness, cramping, constipation or narrowing of the stool. Once the cancer has been identified a surgeon will talk to you about this procedure.

This operation removes the part of the colon with the cancer and then reconnects the colon. Sometimes a colostomy has to be done for safety reasons. If you have a colostomy, there is a possibility that it can be closed six to eight weeks later. You will be completely asleep for the two hours that it takes to complete this surgery. The average hospital stay is four to six days with a total recovery period of four to six weeks.