***The American Cancer Society and the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention are now recommending that all persons over the age of 50 undergo some form of colorectal cancer screening. One of these screenings tools is colonoscopy. If you have not yet considered colorectal cancer screening, please talk to your doctor. ***


Colonoscopy allows the surgeon to directly view the entire length of the colon with the use of a colonoscope. This flexible tube is approximately 1cm in width and has a small lighted fiberoptic scope at the end. This procedure is done at the hospital and will be done under sedation to keep you comfortable. This procedure will require a prep at home to clean out the colon.

When you arrive at the hospital, you will register and sign a consent form. When you arrive in the procedure room, a nurse will explain the procedure and give you medication to help you relax. Once you are adequately sedated, the surgeon will gently insert the scope into the rectum. He will advance the tube slowly using water and air to view the colon. A biopsy can be taken through this scope if necessary. Most colon polyps can also be removed with this procedure. The procedure usually takes 10-20 minutes to complete.

When you are fully awake, you may go home with a responsible adult and return to normal activity. You will be given an appointment to see the surgeon back in his office several days later to discuss the findings of this test.

FOR MORE INFORMATION regarding colonoscopy or early detection of colorectal cancer, please click on our EDUCATION page.